Biologists, even ichthyologists, are usually surprised when they discover how much Charles Darwin ('CD') wrote about fish: with regards to specific groups of organisms, it is mainly CD's work on barnacles, orchids and earthworm which is known. The forum available on this web site, complementing my book on Darwin's Fishes, and the Reverend L. Jenyns' book on the fish collected by CD during the voyage of the Beagle (supplied below in a version closely linked with FishBase), is thus to enable colleagues to catch up on this, and to discuss CD's ichthyological work, and related issues in evolution and ecology.

Darwin's Fishes was a difficult book to write and edit, and it likely contains many errors and omissions. An erratum file, therefore, is being made available which corrects for the errors that have been found so far (see below).  Readers are welcome to send notices of additional errors they may spot to

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Documents available for download:

The Peruvian Anchoveta, Charles Darwin and Us (PDF 416 KB)

Charles Darwin, ichthyology and the species concept (PDF 84 KB)
Darwin's Fishes: the writing of a lost book
(PDF 84 KB)
Jenyn's Fish (PDF 3.3 MB or HTML)
Erratum for Darwin's Fishes (PDF 21 KB)