WELCOME to the Sea Around Us Project, a Fisheries Centre partnership with Philadelphia's Pew  Charitable Trusts which started in July 1999 and is led by Daniel Pauly.

The aim of the project are to provide an integrated analysis of the impacts of fisheries on marine ecosystems, and to devise policies that can mitigate and reverse harmful trends whilst ensuring the social and economic benefits of sustainable fisheries. The North Atlantic was our first case study, but we have moved on to other parts of the world ocean.. 

The project's name was prompted by Dr. Martha Piper, the President of UBC, who referred to Rachel Carson as a pioneer of marine conservation. Rachel Carson's "The Sea Around Us" was published in 1951.

One major product of the Sea Around Us project is a global database of fisheries catches by 1/2 lat./long. degree cells, based on catches from data from FAO and other sources, and which can be used to generate global, regional or national fisheries catch maps. Pending the display of such maps, this project database was used to generate catch time series by Large Marine Ecosystem.

The logo of the "Sea Around Us" Project depicts elements of a marine ecosystem.  The logo, designed by Ms Mary Boone, consists of three segments representing marine life - fish, mammals/reptiles, and plants. The fish segment is moving toward the other three puzzle pieces, and the counterclockwise motion represents rebuilding.  In full colour, the fish segment is in UBC Gold, as a metaphor for the lasting value of fish. The remaining segments are in marine blue. These colours are also present in the Fisheries Centre's logo.